What does it mean to be a part of something bigger?

 Okay, so bear with me – I am just getting started on this whole “blogging” thing.  I’ve been on the internet and have read some really great stuff  and I’ve read some rants and tangents that sound like conspiracy theory with a raging case of ADHD.  So for my first attempt I will keep it simple by asking a question to get you thinking. What does it mean for us in this life to be a part of something bigger than ourselves?  Is it the sacrificial giving of being a parent who relinquishes themselves for their child’s needs, happiness or future?  Is it in acts of service – feeding the homeless, rescuing stray and abandoned animals, picking up trash from our parks and beaches or is it something less tangible and more elusive? For many I suspect that it is more than just one thing. For others on the journey of life there is an undercurrent in life that woos and pulls and tugs at our hearts in the same way the under tow sweeps us away when we stand at the oceans edge. The question is will you run into the water with the reckless abandon of a kid on the first day of summer or will you stay on the beach? 

4 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a part of something bigger?

  1. Joanne@ Blessed... says:

    Great question, Karen! Hmmmm, I am a bit wimpy, but I made a vow not to miss a thing on this ride called life. Whatever door God opens…I'm running through. No doorbell-ditching allowed!And, may I be one of the first to say…Welcome to the blogosphere my friend…it's about time!

  2. katiefish <> says:

    I've stayed on the beach most of my life. In the last 10 years, I've not only run into the water, but have happily landed many a joyous belly-flop!

  3. Not4saken1 says:

    Being a beach baby at heart, and outgoing, Gods spirit was gently given to me when I was young.. in the blessing of having the mother I have! She taught us from before birth probably, that God is everywhere we look, his creation, and in all people and that we all should love one another and help one another. Maybe it’s because I am the first child,  I don’t know, but I have always been the one to watch out for others, help where needed without being asked and as I grew older I stood for what is right, no matter what! Mom took us to nursing homes of people who had no families, taught us to make things for those people and to care about them too. She taught us to love animals and care about all things that need to be looked out for or helped. I had a tender heart for handicapped kids or people or animals, or anyone being picked on or set apart. Years later, when I had a daughter, she got a high fever of 107 that even the hospital couldn’t get down for 7 days. When she was supposed to start talking she didn’t and we learned she was deaf. My mom realized she was deaf. I looked back and knew that God had placed me where He did in life, to have the guidance of my mother who gave me a heart for those who need us, my daughter who took alot of work but was worth it, and the many situations that helped to reach out and help and witness to people daily. It’s been passed down to my child, and nieces and nephews..the world gets better one person at a time, with the blessing of God!  I know there are others who also have been raised this way and are leaving a legacy of many who will run in the water with reckless abandon.

    In my journey of life there has always been an undercurrent that wooed, tugged and pulled at my heart in the same way the under tow sweeps us away when
    we stand at the oceans edge. I’ve always run into the
    water with the reckless abandon of a kid but now that I am older i find myself on the beach encouraging others! Great post!

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