What’s on your ipod?

I think it is safe to say that if someone stole my ipod they would be really disappointed and confused by the content!  I have a very random collection of music that ranges from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to Run DMC and Vivaldi’s Four Season’s.  To me this sums up my life. I have always been a jack of all trades  – master of none type of person. I have a wide and varied collection of music which is much like my life experience – it is all over the map and tells a story of where I have been, the hurts and joys, the trials and triumphs as well as the detours taken along the way.  This used to bother me. For a long time I thought I needed to be really good at just one thing. Funny thing is that I realized that doing just one thing is boring! Life’s too short to only listen to one CD by the same band. Just think about how many times you change the radio station when you are driving in your car.  So go ahead…put your ipod on shuffle and enjoy the surprise. Regardless of your gifts and talents and if you are a “jack of all trades – master of none”  or specifically gifted embrace who you are and use your talents for the greater good and God’s glory.
Phil 1:6 
“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on until completion.”

2 thoughts on “What’s on your ipod?

  1. Justin says:

    Wow. What's on my ipod? Where to start…..what I'm listening to most lately is:Ben HarperThe Album LeafStrange Fruit ProjectJonathan David HelserBoards of CanadaBrant BjorkClutchy HopkinsCommonDavid GrayConcrete BlondDe La SoulI love blog topics like this one, because I love music! Great post!

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