What does it mean to be connected? Well I guess it depends on the application. For those of us who lived plugged into technology and the media, it means the ability to tap into the information superhighway at the touch of a button and for others it takes on another meaning. I had the opportunity to spend some time this week with three extraordinary women. They are as different from one another as they could possibly be, but despite the obvious differences in age, occupation and marital status  there was a common thread…all were longing for connection with others and with the Lord.
These women are longing to be connected with others who are fellow travelers in life’s journey with God’s heart being the final destination. They are longing for connection that is real, intimate and intentional. Now I know that it is usually not difficult to get a group of women talking and that conversation often takes off faster than a PMS induced craving for chocolate and French fries…however this was different. The hearts of the women in that room connected on a deep level that allowed them to be heard and understood in a manner far beyond words. I don’t know when I have experienced something as easy and natural as the heart connection that occurred that day. I do know that I am encouraged to pursue connection of the heart, as it felt as if my soul took a long, slow, much needed deep breath.
May you find connection with others and with the God who created you to be in relationship.


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