Beauty in the broken

What does the word fragile mean to you? The dictionary defines it as; breakable, weak, thin, vulnerable, flimsy, unsubstantial, easily destroyed or not strong. Those words usually bring about images of glass, china and other delicate objects. Recently I have been challenged with the fragile nature of our heart and our spirit as I have walked with a dear friend as she wrestled with deep hurts.

In our culture Fragile is generally looked at as a weakness. We tend to value strength rather than tenderness. There are times in life when we face situations and obstacles and are able to handle what life throws at us with ease and grace. Then there are times when the assaults are unrelenting, deeply personal and cut to the quick of our heart and soul. We are left feeling battered, beaten, bloody and broken.

It is in these times of deep hurt that we find ourselves fragile and vulnerable. What we want is to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap so as to avoid the jostling and jarring of life, love and relationships. We want to be insulated and protected from all possible hurt and humiliation. But like a Ming Vase or Waterford crystal or the infamous Leg Lamp, we were not created to remain wrapped in bubble wrap and stored on a shelf. We were created to be used. We were created to be held and put on display for God’s purpose and glory.  Sometimes while on display we get knocked over. We get chipped, dented, dirty and broken. Our hearts get manhandled and misused. We get hurt in relationships where we once trusted another with our heart. We experience abuse, grief, illness, depression and humiliation. We want to run and hide. We self medicate, we deny, we place blame and we try desperately not to let others see us in this fragile state.

There is however no shame in being fragile, broken or tender. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, He came to heal the sick and the lame. He came to offer life and life eternal. The question is, are we willing to let Him have His way with our heart? When we are broken and shattered and pieces are missing of our heart, it is hard to trust and believe that God can restore us. He can and will restore our faith in Him, ourselves and in others if we admit we are fragile and broken. For there is beauty in the broken.

Proverbs 4:23 NIV

Guard your heart always, for it is the wellspring of Life.


3 thoughts on “Beauty in the broken

  1. Donna Griffith says:

    As I was reading your latest entry about “beauty in the broken” I found myself totally agreeing with you. Here is a quote from Brene Brown that I thought you might enjoy about vulnerability that actually ties in very nicely with your latest thoughts regarding brokeness. She writes, “Vulnerability is not weakness – it’s the birthplace of love, creativity, innovation, authenticity and joy.” The challenge for me over the recent years has been to be vulnerable with my brokenness. Indeed there is beauty in the broken!! ~Donna

  2. Karen Cook says:

    Thanks Donna – I love that idea of being vulnerable with our brokenness. I think that is where God meets us and is able to use our pain for His glory and we are able to be transformed into the fullness of what God intended for us. Thanks for stopping by!

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