Sacred Companion

I know that today is Valentines Day and I promise that this blog will not be a tribute to Cupid, romance or chocolate. For as long as I can remember Valentines Day has left me feeling that somehow my relationships are lacking something. Is it intimacy, excitement or something deeper?
I would like to toss out the idea that maybe we experience disillusionment with Valentines Day (and maybe life in general) because we lack intimacy with God.
We go through life running from relationship to relationship in an attempt to fill up our emotional tank.
Over time we become depleted and begin looking for a quick fix to get us through.
We try to find satisfaction in our job, our hobbies, in food, alcohol and anything else that distracts us from the inner gnawing of discontent.
What causes this discontent? It’s actually pretty simple.
We were created to be in relationship, and specifically created to be in relationship with God. He designed us to desire companionship and to know and be known by Him.
He made us in His image, to reflect His glory and to walk closely in fellowship with Him through the Holy Spirit.
Stay with me here – I am not about to go all Hare Krishna on you!!
When we seek to have our emotional needs met in other relationships before we go to God with our hearts, our hurts and our needs – we cheat ourselves out of the fullness of God’s love through relationship. We live in a “gotta have it now” society, so we look for ways to stop the hurt, pain and loneliness rather than going to God with our feelings and asking Him to meet us in our need.
The Lord desires to have a relationship with you – His beloved.
He is a jealous God, who wants you heart and soul.
Will you allow the creator of the universe to woo you today?

2 Corinthians 13:14
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.


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