Well, as difficult as this is for me to say…I am going to unplug. For 24 hours beginning tonight at sundown I will shut off all my electronic devices and forms of media that keep me connected to the outside world. My iphone, my ipad, my ipod, my computer and the TV will all be given a much-needed sabbatical. I admit, my first response to this was in the form of excuses…but I need to plan my worship set, I need to study, it’s the weekend, I need to do _________. Then it hit me…I am hooked into believing that I need to be connected to be productive. I have participated in the lie that says 24 – hour accessibility is necessary for optimal functioning. Now, if you read my blog on Lust earlier this week, you know that I have recently committed to un plugging in my time alone with God in order to hear from Him and be more available. My hope is that the time I spend free from the distractions of electronic connectivity this weekend will help freshen my perspective and allow for unhindered time with my family and with God. I admit I am a little bit afraid of what might happen. 2 years ago I did a coffee fast and after the raging head aches and violent mood swings subsided, my husband made me promise to never give up coffee again. I am not expecting anything that severe, but I do realize that I am highly dependent on technology and that there may be some withdraw.
So my challenge to you is how can you un plug and be more intentional in the relationships that you have in the real world? Let’s not forsake the people in our lives for the virtual world that exists online. Get outside, go take a walk, a bike ride, play with your kids or your dog. Enjoy the relationships that you have and take some time to be with God, who loves you and created you to be in fellowship with Himself and others.

If you would like more information on this subject click here.

Grace & Peace… Karen


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