Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I lied.

There I said it.

I lied to God, and I lied to myself.

I tell lies and I believe lies.

I am a liar.

Not the kind of lies where I make up crazy, far fetched stories like Jon Lovitz character on Saturday Night Live…but I lie nonetheless.

Lying is not new. We did not invent it – although our culture has turned lying into an art form.

The first lie happened in the Garden of Eden when the serpent deceived Eve.
Since that first lie, we have been trying to hide ourselves from God the Creator and from one another.

So what are these lies I’ve been telling, these stories of falsehood and fabrications of the truth?

Well, quite simply I’ve been lying about my worth and I would venture a guess that many of you have been doing the same.

We tell ourselves lies and eventually we believe them. Over time the lies we hear become our distorted reality. We get to the point where the lies become believable and truth seems absurd.

Through the course of our lives we take in all kinds of information and we try to assess what people want, need and expect from us. We do our best to know and love God. Somewhere along the way we get tangled up in the worlds spin on who we are – or more importantly who we are not. This is not random or by chance – this is by design.

There is a battle that exists and is played out in our hearts and minds everyday. This battleground is where truth and lies compete for our attention and allegiance.
The evil one desires to keep us distracted and discouraged in order to keep us from knowing and experiencing the heart of God.

Satan’s tactics are subtle. They come in the form of doubt, fear and deception.

We get sucked into believing that somehow our worth is dependent on what we do and that who we are is insufficient, insignificant or irrelevant.

We hear and believe lies like these:

I’m not good enough.
I’m not smart enough (this has been my personal mantra).
I am too much or not enough.
If people only knew the real me, the things I’ve done…they’d never accept me.
I’ve made too many mistakes in my life for God to love me.
I need to get my life together before God can forgive me.
I stand to lose too much if I follow God.
If I follow God I have to give up everything in life that is fun.
God can’t forgive me because I am an addict, a liar and a _________________.

I’ve spent the better part of my life vacillating between believing the lie that I am too much or not enough. What does that mean? Simply put it is where my heart is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I’ve wrestled for years with feeling I am too much: too loud, too silly, too opinionated or too overbearing.

On the other hand I struggle with not being enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not spiritual enough. I’m not a good enough musician, worship leader, speaker, writer, wife, mom, friend, daughter, _________________.

It is in this place of doubt and despair that Satan keeps me (keeps us) on the ropes.
He is swinging at us with all his might, trying to take us down and keep us out of the fight.
He uses lies, deception and fear to keep us on the mat and out of contention.
If Satan can keep us distracted than he can keep us from being fully devoted to God the Father.

When we know and embrace the truth, it empowers us to pursue God, His love, mercy and forgiveness. When we experience those things from the hand of God, we are able to accept ourselves as is.

The truest thing about us is our desire to know and love The Lord God.
He is the giver of all good things.
When we stand before Him, we are the image and reflection of His son Jesus.
We give Him glory when we stand in the truth of who we are: purchased, redeemed and beloved children of the Risen King.

I pray that as you journey into your week, you will listen carefully to the whispers of truth.

You are loved.

You are forgiven and you are enough.

Who you are in this moment is exactly who God made you to be.

Ignore the lies that say you need to become in order to please God.

Step into the fullness of the Fathers love for you and know that you are enough for Him this day.


Grace, Peace & Truth ~ Karen


2 thoughts on “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

  1. Paula says:

    “We get to the point where the lies become believable and truth seems absurd.” – AMEN! That is so true!! Excellent post!! We all believe lies of some kind… and that is exactly what Satan wants us to do. It paralyzes us so that we are incapable of fulfilling what God has planned for us!!

  2. Chris Pedersen says:

    Your post is right on target. It is Attitude and it relates to optimum wellness. We need to take on the attitude of what God thinks about us to be healthy and effective in our lives for Him.

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