Mental Vacation

Well, here it is Memorial Day Weekend!
This marks the segue into summer.
Before you pack your bags, and fire up your BBQ, let me add one more thing onto your list.


I recently discovered that while I have many worthwhile and exciting things happening in my life, I lack the time and space to simply be still and quiet.

Over time this has led me to feel mentally fatigued. At times it feels like I have ADHD because there is so much going on in my head that I can’t seem to focus and settle on one thing long enough to reach a conclusion.

I have come to realize that as I work with clients dealing with boundary issues, I myself do not have good boundaries around my time.
I often schedule my day so full that it is virtually impossible for me to have time to think let alone be still and hear God’s voice.

This weekend, I am going to rest. Body. Mind. Soul.

So, as I unplug, unwind and relax I encourage you to do the same.

Turn off your cell phone, log out of facebook & twitter and simply think your own thoughts for a while. It will all be waiting for you when your return.

So go ahead, go on a mental vacation…you’ve earned it.

If you are looking for permission, consider it granted.

I pray for peace, clarity and refreshment for you this weekend.

Let me know how your mental vacation was…send me a postcard!

Grace & Peace ~ Karen


2 thoughts on “Mental Vacation

  1. Marni Arnold says:

    I am down! I take these often…but more than likely I will find myself on the computer tomorrow to do some serious writing since nothing is planned until Sunday morning (because I took a full week and did nothing outside of blogging last week…so I got my refreshment for the time being). Woo hoo! 😀 I love seeing an open calendar!

  2. GolfShopGirl says:

    We seem to have forgotten how to be comfortable with our own thoughts, to hash things out with God, to listen to that Still Small Voice.  We are held captive by the tyranny of the urgent. 
    Thanks, Karen, for the reminder to sit on the deck and listen to the birds, to literally stop and smell the roses, to be reminded that God is good.

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