Life is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act.

When we are living in balance and we are managing our time and
responsibilities wisely, we can navigate through the obstacles of life with
little more than a wobble.

But more often than not, we find ourselves juggling jobs, families and ministry. We spend our days running from event to event wishing for more hours in the day and running carpool like a NASCAR qualifier.

If you are like me you may end up taking on more and more until one day you reach a breaking point and discover that you cannot in fact do it all.

Our lives are full, and many of the things we do are meaningful and significant. These things bring us satisfaction and are usually tied to our vocation or ministry calling.

But a word of caution – even these deeply satisfying things can leave us stranded and struggling on the high wire if we are not careful.

We live in a world full of urgent requests and demands for our time.

I often allow my boundaries to be violated in areas that we I am passionate about, for fear that if I don’t do __________, than it won’t get done at all.

The reality is that we live over committed lifestyles, not always by necessity but often by choice.

This is dangerous and can cost us in the long run in a few key areas.

1. When we make “doing” a priority, we do not create space for God. We miss out on hearing from God because we lack the ability or willingness to be still and hear His voice. We are too busy “doing” for God, instead of being “with” Him.

2. When we are in perpetual motion trying to keep all our proverbial “balls in the air” we lack perspective. We cannot have long term focus when we are staring at the thing that is right in front of us.

3. When we are too busy we miss out on the opportunity for relationship with God, our spouses, children and friends. We short- change not only ourselves but also those with whom we enjoy relationship. Any relationship worth having takes time and intentionality.

4. When we spend too much time on the high wire of life, we end up depleted. When the focus of what we do is outward, than the inner life suffers.

These areas can be difficult to look at they were for me. This process started about 2 months ago and initially I went kicking and screaming.

When I finally took it to the Lord and really began to look at the areas of my life where I felt like a hamster on a wheel, I became more willing to let God speak into my life in those areas.

Over time what I discovered is that often the areas of my life I am most passionate about are the ones that drain me dry. Not because they are wrong or bad, but because I serve and pour myself into them with reckless abandon. This has taken a toll on my family and me.

So, in an effort to climb down off the high wire, I am taking a summer sabbatical from my ministry.

After spending the last 4 years in school pursuing my degrees in Psychology, MA.MFT, 4 years as a worship leader in church, countless women’s retreats, in addition to being a wife and a mom …I am taking a break.

I realized this spring that I was serving out of depletion and was lacking perspective. I am looking forward to my three months of rest, refreshment and fun with my family.

I hope that you are encouraged to look at your life from a fresh perspective and consider the ways you might create space in your life to recharge.

You can still find me on the couch this summer and I’ll be at Caffe Santoro’s every Monday from 9-11 for some coffee and conversation about life, faith and the spaces in between.

Keep up with me on facebook and twitter, I’d love to hear from you!

Grace & Peace ~ Karen


5 thoughts on “Life is a Balancing Act

  1. Danie Marie says:

    A long time ago I learned how to say ‘no’. Isn’t it freeing? So glad to hear you’ve jumped on board … or is it off. Anyway, congrats, Karen! Blessings ~ Danie Marie

  2. Sharon says:

    This is just where I am at in life right now! I have recently “retired” from ministires I have been doing for a couple of years, and learning to not volunteer for everything thing that sounds fun and is for a good cause, and instead, finally focussing on what I feel God is placing in my life.
    I’m gradually reading through your posts and really love your blog! 

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Thanks Sharon 🙂 I am learning over time to listen carefully for God’s voice – otherwise I too find myself signing up for everything and anything because there are so many worthy causes and ministries. Once I honed in on my calling, His voice became a little clearer. Hope you too are able to hear His voice and find peace where He leads.

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