When Time Stood Still

Have you ever had a moment in your life where time stood still?

Remember what was said, where you were and how you felt? If you think about it long enough you can probably conjure up sight, smell and emotions regarding the event.

Perhaps it was the moment you got engaged. Maybe it was the birth of your first child. Memorable moments hold power and influence when they are combined with a physical response.

This week marks the 4th anniversary of my sister Susan’s death.

It was Friday July 27, 2007. We were having dinner and swimming at my brother’s house. I remember being especially excited, as my husband had brought me home my first iphone.

As the kids played and swam in the pool, I sat at the kitchen table, eagerly trying to set up my phone oblivious to my surroundings.

The phone rang and thanks to caller ID my sister in law decided not to answer the phone. A few moments later my brothers cell phone rang and he chose to ignore it. Then my phone rang. Out of curiosity I answered.

The voice on the other end was calm and kind. She identified herself and then asked me to verify my full name and address. Once I had done so, she informed me that my oldest sister Susan was dead.

In that moment time stood still.

I listened. I answered questions from the coroner. I asked a few questions of my own.

As I hung up the phone, my only thought was, how am I going to tell my mom?

With my brother and his wife and my husband by my side, I broke the news to my mom that her first born was dead.




It was a day I will remember forever and a one I wish I could forget.

Moments come and go, but some stay with us forever.

What are some moments that have made an impression on your heart?

Grace & Peace ~ Karen


6 thoughts on “When Time Stood Still

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    First – I’m so sorry to hear about you losing your sister, Susan.  What a terrible moment for you and your whole family!  I have many of these moments – I even wrote a blog about it about 2 years ago – can’t remember what it’s called now – but in it I recalled a number of special moments.  Of course having babies or first being in love were in there – but also a sad moment with a friend.  It was like time did stand still – it was a sad goodbye because he and I knew we could not continue to be friends.  I’m sure I will have many more happy and sad moments in life as my journey continues.  It’s all of those moments that make us who we are 🙂

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Hi Cindy, Thank you. God has been so gracious in allowing me and my family to heal and deal with my sisters death. She knew Jesus and so I have every confidence that I will see her again – that was huge for me in the grieving process. I’m sorry for your loss of a friendship. I’ve grieved that as well and sometimes I think that can be harder than death.

  2. Monica Watkins says:

    Karen, I have 3 sisters, so I can only imagine the pain of that moment and the sting of its memory. My prayer is that each time your relive that moment in your mind that the Holy Spirit will come along and replace it with a sweet memory of you and your sister, a memory that only sisters can share.

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Monica, Thank you for your kind words and prayers. God has been gracious in allowing me to move past being stuck in that moment to being able to celebrate my sister and remember the good times. Thanks for stopping by the couch – I hope you’ll come back again!

  3. Barbie says:

    I cannot imagine the pain felt in the stillness of this moment.  I pray that the beautiful memories you have of your sister will replace the pain from that day.

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Thanks Barbie – I do have some great memories with my sister. One of them is how easy it was to make her laugh. She knew Jesus, so I am confident we will laugh again one day!

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