Growing Pains

Throughout life we all experience growth spurts.

Some are brief and relatively painless while others are prolonged and leave us raw and discouraged.

So, what happens when the growing pains are overwhelming and we just can’t take anymore?

Do you assume the fetal position or do you allow God to chisel you and refine you in the midst of the pain?

Our natural inclination is to avoid pain at all costs.

None of us willingly sign up to do life the hard way…but sometimes hard things happen. Sometimes the consequences of sin bring harsh realities while other times circumstances beyond our control dictate life.

How we respond is up to us.

The prophet Elijah is a great example. Elijah was a man just like you and me. He was a regular “Joe” in every facet of life and God used him in mighty ways.

Elijah was Gods go to guy when all hell broke loose. He challenged the followers of Baal to a “whose god is bigger” contest and came out on top. He was Gods spokesman, he was filled with supernatural strength and God did amazing and incredible things through Elijah.

Elijah experienced his best day ever with the Lord and then soon after he hit the wall.

Elijah reached a point when he could take no more. In Kings 19, he lays down under a tree and begs God, “let me die”. Elijah had hit the wall and simply wanted to be done. He doubted God and he doubted himself.

How many times have we cried out, “stick a fork in me, I’m done?!”

Sometimes life’s circumstances are relentless and overwhelming. We are left wondering if God cares or notices the extreme distress we are in.

Just as God cared for Elijah in the desert, restoring him physically and emotionally, God does care about you.

He knows about your pain. He loves you. He wants what is best for you.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in; unemployment, infidelity, substance abuse, depression or fear, the Lord God, Jehovah Rapha is present and attentive to your emotional needs.

In our fear and pain, we often run and hide from the difficult situations in our lives. We attempt to avoid unpleasant circumstances and end up running FROM God rather than TO God for help, comfort and solace.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, know that the Lord is present and He desires to restore you heart and soul if you will stop running and rest in Him.

He will provide everything you need. He provided food and water for Elijah in the middle of the desert and He can and will provide for you and me.

What circumstances have you running away from God?

Grace & Peace ~ Karen


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. USC girl says:

    Again, words that meet me right where I am… I love the picture of God his Father getting Elijah gently up off the ground – I picture him in a fetal position, hurting and feeling so alone. And then how God speaks to him in a quiet, intimate voice, and Elijah recognizes it and listens. I am out in the wilderness, literally and figuratively, with a deep longing to be ministered to by God as Elijah was. Thank you, Karen.

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Oh my friend, I am praying for you as you are in the wilderness…that you encounter the God of Elijah – His tenderness, His love and His provision for you in this time of hurting. Grace & Peace to you Jacki…

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