Living In Sync

What does it mean to live “In Sync”?
I’m not talking about the boy band …I am referring to the state of our hearts.

We live in a high tech world that expects us to be up to date on all the current fads and trends. As social media clamors for our attention and allegiance, we find ourselves struggling to live a lifestyle that is in sync with God.

I believe living in sync with God is a practice that is cultivated. This requires us to be purposeful and determined in our lifestyles, our relationships and in our devotion to the Lord.

With all the advances in technology, some things still have to be done manually. We can download information wirelessly; we can connect our peripherals via Bluetooth technology and communicate with people around the globe thanks to Skype, twitter and facebook…but until we plug in and establish a connection…we’ve got nothing.

Life in Christ operates in much the same way.

When we attempt to live on our own power we remain disconnected and out of sync with God. Apart from God, we are unable generate the power we need to sustain our hearts in a manner that allows us to grow and to glorify God.

When we live disconnected from God it is easy to take control of our life and allow our circumstances and feelings to take over.

What does living out of sync look like?

*Control issues
*People pleasing
*Striving for success
*Fear, worry, anxiety

When we live out of sync and out of connection with the Lord it affects us in many ways, but I am going to address 3 areas.

1. Our relationships suffer as they become unbalanced with demands, expectations and unresolved hurt.
2. Our jobs suffer because we become self absorbed and driven in our attempts to succeed.
3. Our ministry suffers as we simply cannot give something away that we do not possess…we cannot take people to the throne of the Lord Almighty when we ourselves refuse to be connected to Him as our source of power.

So, how do we sync up?

Read the Bible. Spend time regularly in God’s word. Read a verse a day or a chapter. Just read.

Prayer. This does not mean donning a monk’s robe and spending your day chanting and burning incense. These prayers can be one word or a lengthy conversation. Prayer is just communicating our hearts to God. When in doubt…keep it simple.

Fellowship/Accountability. God did not design us to live in isolation. Get involved in a small group, a bible study or find a friend to meet with to keep each other on track.

Silence. Create times to be still before the Lord.
The first time I did this it was incredibly hard. I realized how dependent I had become on input. Initially it was difficult to quiet my head and heart. As I have worked on making the practice of this discipline part of my routine, I find that I am more settled and calm and am able to hear the Lords whisper to my heart.

There will always be something in our life that shouts for our attention. What keeps you from spending time connected to the Lord?


2 thoughts on “Living In Sync

  1. Liane says:

    …sometimes it is my desire for order. I can get so caught up in trying to create order first out of chaos that I end up feeling exhausted instead of peaceful to settle down with the Lord. Then I’ve been busy, busy and achieving nothing worthwhile in the end. What an anti-climax! I’m learning though…

    • KAREN COOK says:

      It’s all a process. Somedays I just have to simplify things. I often think I have to have this amazing long time with God, when all He wants is for me to simply acknowledge His presence. The pressure is all self imposed. Hang in there…He is waiting for us!

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