Spiritual Swagger or Stagger?

There are times in life when my walk with the Lord feels like I have swagger. This is not to say that I go through life strutting my stuff like an NFL receiver who scored the game winning touch down. What this means, is that I walk confidently with God, in close communion and with clear purpose.

Then there are the times when my swagger becomes a stagger. Doubt, fear, comparison and burnout weigh me down and slow my spiritual pace to nothing more than a slow shuffle.

Obviously I would prefer to keep my swagger in tact, but I am realizing in this season of my life that a slow, methodical shuffle has its benefits.

While I am shuffling through this season of life, I find that I go to my knees more often. In my weakness, I find strength, peace and comfort in the presence of the One who created me. Rather than drawing on my own experience or success, I lean hard into Him who is my sustainer.

As I scuff my feet and drag my heart before the throne of the Lord Almighty, I am not trusting in my own strength and ability, but am wholly dependent on the Lord to deliver me through my circumstances. There is refreshment in allowing the living God to work in and through me instead of in spite of me.

Ambling along with the Lord as my companion, I find sweet communion with Him as I step into our time without expectations or demands.

While enjoying this slow paced, intentional stroll, I recognize how the busyness of my lifestyle has prevented me from really listening to what the Lord has to say to me. During this unhurried time, I am able to find true rest, purpose and refreshment for my heart and soul.

There is a time for everything, a time for swagger and a time for stagger. In the Disney Pixar movie UP, the character Carl finds his purpose and as a result his inner swagger despite his aging body. I think that we can take encouragement from Carl.

There are times when we can combine our swagger and our stagger and fall into a nice pace with the Lord, leaning on Him for stability and assurance and walking along side Him as He leads us down the path set before us.

So friends, how would you describe your the pace of your walk with Jesus today? If you are in a season of swagger, work it! If you find yourself staggering a bit, lean into Jesus – He will go the distance with you.

How’s your pace, swagger or stagger?


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Swagger or Stagger?

  1. Melissa Yue says:

    You crack me up, Karen. I can see your face as you say the words. I think I will combine my swagger and stagger today and work it! I staggered onto the deck to lounge in the sun ( I do not have a pool) yesterday and listened quietly to Christian radio and prayed as I “scuffed” through the day. I prayed about the fall plans God has for me and my family. I plan seasonally, not yearly. Last night I went to a YL committee meeting. Our banquet is about a month away.  Diane Hidey is a great Area Director. She is a woman of faith, hope, and a fireball of energy.  I will giggle today as I swagger and stagger into the presence of God as I do laundry and clean up the house I plan to lounge on the deck again today. 

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Melissa, so glad I provided a good visual for you…and now you have provided one for me 🙂 Enjoy your day & your conversations with the Lord. So glad to hear you are still involved with YL.  I just met with our area director this morning.  Love the ministry & so thankful for it. 

  2. Paula Patrick says:

    You always have the words I need at just the right time Karen. I hope God encourages you daily as you encourage others this way. What a beautiful sister you are. Thanks again, Paula

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