DIY Your Heart

This weekend my husband and I took on a few projects around the house and yard.
One of the projects involved taking apart our very large and very heavy pottery fountain.
We have put this project off all summer and were finally motivated to repair it, as we are hosting a party next weekend.

I discovered just how heavy this fountain really is first hand. Not just because I helped my husband lift off the top section, but also when one of my fingers got wedged in between two sections. Lets just say I’m going to be minus a fingernail in a few days.

Of all the things I love and enjoy about my home and yard, the fountain is my favorite. The years of use and enjoyment have taken their toll on this beloved feature in my backyard and today we surveyed the damage.

The pump was worn out and exhausted. It no longer could push the water up the tube from its base and force it out through the openings to create the wonderfully trickling and splashing sounds I have come to enjoy.

The bottom bowl was beginning to show hairline cracks in the ceramic pottery and it needed to be cleaned and sealed. And lastly, the bowls themselves needed to be cleaned out; they had become a gathering place of leaves, pine needles and spiders.

I got to thinking about how our hearts are like this fountain. The seasons of our lives are often harsh. Life gets busy and we neglect to take care of our hearts.
Jobs are demanding, kids are busy, marriages struggle and all the while we keep churning like the fountain.

Eventually we find ourselves out of water and sucking air. The demands of life have left us cracked and there are remnants of regret and missed opportunities drifting around in the basin of our souls.

Time and the elements have dulled the radiance of the heart. Life continues to pour over us, chipping away at our hearts we find ourselves unable to perform the very tasks we were created for.

When our hearts to fall into a state of disrepair, we need expert help. So often we are tempted to simply read a book or seek the advice of a friend, but we need an expert.

The one we need is on call 24/7 and He makes house calls. His name is Jesus. He knows your heart because He created it. He is capable, competent and compassionate about restoring your heart to its intended purpose and beauty.

God lovingly restores us. He carefully fills the cracks of our hearts with the promises of His word.

He clears our souls of the debris left behind by broken relationships and sinful behavior.

The Lord fills us with His living water so that we flow freely, the way we were designed, to reflect His glory.

Sometimes the restoration process is messy. It is not always a quick fix. Often times there are multiple steps involved in the process.

Perhaps you have some broken relationships that require forgiveness and re establishing trust. Taking the necessary steps is important in restoration. Short cuts and cheap substitutions do not provide long – term lasting results.

Take the time to lay your heart out before the Lord and ask Him to show you what work needs to be done, and then trust Him to do it. He who began a good work in you will carry it out until completion.


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