Poster Child for Insecurity

Fall. I love this time of year, not just because the onset of fall means cooler temperatures, Sunday afternoon football naps and all the decadent coffee drinks available at Starbucks, but also because fall brings the new season of TV shows. After the long summer television drought, fall season premier week is an entertainment oasis.

One of my recent favorites is the show The Middle. The Heck family is a middle class family with a penchant for trouble. The middle daughter Sue is the stereotypical awkward Junior High girl, complete with stringy hair and braces. Sue Heck is the poster child for insecurity as she is willing to do just about anything to fit in with “the populars”.

At times it is almost painful to watch her continual quest to gain attention and acceptance. From her elaborate schemes to sit at the popular lunch table, to securing a spot on the cross country team, it is clear that Sue has set her sights on becoming someone new, different and better.

I think what makes me the most uncomfortable, is recognizing that I am no different than Sue Heck.

Over the course of my life, I have gone to great lengths in the attempt to be someone that I am not. I’ve changed my hair, my clothes, my friends and my hobbies in order to gain some sense of belonging and security. That security was always fleeting and fickle because it was rooted in others perception of me, and my own distorted perception of myself.

In my desire to find approval, acceptance and significance from others, I would reinvent myself with every new relationship and situation. Eventually I didn’t even recognize who I was, what I wanted or how I had gotten to this place.

The lies from the enemy coupled with my own doubt and fear had me convinced that being anyone or anything else had to be better than just being me.

The world delivers many messages to us over the course of our lifetime. We have to decipher those messages and determine which ones are valid and which ones are just lies meant to tear us down and distract us from the purpose to which God has called us.

In the show, Sue often finds hope and encouragement from the Reverend Tim Tom. He always manages to show up just when she needs him the most and sings a song that offers encouragement by reminding Sue, that Jesus was once a teen and that He identifies with her pain.

Now, I am not going to play you a song, or quote scripture Reverend Tim Tom style, but I am going to encourage you to take your insecurity to God. To allow the creator of your heart and lover of your soul to speak truth into your life about who you are and whose you are.

As I have taken the time to listen the whispers of truth, I found peace, security and hope in Gods word. I hope you too will find encouragement for your heart and soul with the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Poster Child for Insecurity

  1. mari mayborn says:

    Climbing up in God’s lap and letting Him adore me as His child–good for the soul. It melts away my insecurities.

    Also, I love those special friendships in which women give me the freedom to be me. What an incredible gift we give when we accept, give grace and delight in another woman for who really is. 

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Mari – The safety & security we have with God is so amazing. I wish that more women could experience both the giving of acceptance & the receiving end. So often we remain so wrapped up in our own insecurity that we play off another woman’s worst fear. I’ve been fortunate to have some women in my life who are the picture of grace…sounds as if you have that as well. Thanks for stopping by today!

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