Don’t be a hater

There are 3 situations that I believe bring out the worst in people.
Weddings, Funerals and Elections

No, I’m really serious here. Think about it.

Three separate and distinct occasions and yet they all have in common the ability to bring out the worst in people. It is a sad statement to make.
Entitlement, greed and the need to be right are at play in all three situations.

So yesterday as I sat drinking my coffee and scrolling through Facebook I was stunned by the amount as well as the content of the majority of political posts I was reading.

What I was most disturbed by, was the escalation of these posts over the last few weeks and the inflammatory comments and assertions that were being made. Even more disturbing is the fact that the majority of the posts were made by brothers and sisters in Christ.

While I do have some liberal friends who have posted some negative things about the Republican candidates or the party in general, the bulk of this is coming from those who call Jesus their Lord.

I am not one to discuss my political views on my blog or on Facebook for that matter, but I felt compelled to make an exception in hopes it might create awareness of what is happening and our responsibility.

Here is the comment I made on my personal Facebook page yesterday.

Okay friends…You all know that I am not one to express my political opinions and spark public debate, but I am about to wade into the water here.
I know that we all hold opinions & beliefs that we are deeply passionate about. What is troubling me is the need on both sides of the debate to demean and demoralize those who do not agree with you in an ongoing manner.
Each party wonders why the other side holds them in contempt when both parties are judging, making assumptions and jumping to conclusions.
Instead of harsh words, critical insights and blatant accusations – how about we agree to enter into this election season & time of political unrest by declaring a cease-fire in the “Character War”.
I am saddened by the posts from both my liberal friends & by my more conservative friends.
It is not our place to judge, but rather to do our best to become informed and make the best decisions we can for OURSELVES and vote our conscience and convictions.
Thanks for hearing me out.

Somewhere along the way we have taken the concept of freedom of speech and determined that we can assault people with it. This type of behavior regardless of your party affiliation is nothing more than bullying.

When we climb up on our soapbox and use our ideals and beliefs to beat others into submission we grieve Gods heart.

I’m not saying that we are not entitled to our opinion. What I am saying is that we are not entitled to beat others up and belittle them because they believe something different than we do.

When we engage in behavior that causes dissension, confusion and discouragement we operate out of fear, anger and disapproval and we set ourselves up for failure and frustration.

Friends we need to be careful with what we say and how we say it, we are on a slippery slope and it is a long way down.

Think about it…we have a huge responsibility here. Regardless of your political preference, lifestyle choice and religion – we are all called to love.


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