Life On The High Wire

Like you, I have many roles and responsibilities in my life. I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, therapist, worship leader and blogger. Some of these roles I have chosen and others have been chosen for me.

Take a look at this and see if this rings true in your life…

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How many of you could relate to that high wire act?

Friends we have become experts at life on the high wire… Many of us have fallen prey to the ideal that we should be able to do it all.

We call it multi tasking in this generation – but it comes at a cost.

We continue to take on more and more and before we know it, our daily life has become a death-defying feat.

At one time or another, we have bought into the lie that says we should be able to do it all. And we condemn ourselves when we cannot meet that unrealistic expectation.

What we fail to recognize is that having it all comes at a price.

So how exactly did we end up here, on the high wire?

I am guessing that None of you woke up this morning and said, “you know….I think I’m going to live a margin -less life. I’m going to routinely take on more than I know I can handle and then, I am going to continue to over extend myself while ignoring the warning signs.”

Of course we don’t do that – It is far subtler than that.

Today we are going to talk about what it means to live in balance. Before we talk about being in balance we need to look at how we ended up living life with no margin, over extended and without a safety net.

I am going to dispel a myth about the concept of Life balance.

Life balance is not a product. It is not a Day – timer or a calendar or system.
Life balance is not something to be accomplished in 5 easy steps.
Life balance is not simply about time management.

Life balance is not about giving into the crisis of the day, or the thing in your life that is the most demanding.

I could share a whole bunch of clinical psycho – babble that may or may not be helpful. What I can tell you is that my education played a small part in this process. Ultimately life balance is not about what you know.

Life balance is a heart issue. I repeat…Life balance is a heart issue.

God created us in His image and for His glory. He created us to be in relationship with Himself. When you look at your lifestyle, is there room for the creator or is He just one more thing you squeeze into your day?

When we live by the tyranny of the urgent we live out of balance. There will always be something that “needs our attention”…how we choose to deal with it determines our ability to balance.

God’s word tells us in Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart always, for it is the well spring of life”. When we go through life maxed out and continually adding more to our plate, our hearts are left vulnerable and susceptible to the dangers of a life with no margin.

We have bought into the lie that says we should be able to do it all, when the reality is that God wants us to live well.

Friends, if we want to live in the fullness of what God has for us, we have to choose to come down off the high wire. Some of us have been up there for so long we have forgotten that there is a ladder.

Are you willing to climb down off the high wire?


12 thoughts on “Life On The High Wire

  1. christimarcotte says:

    Excellent post, Karen. We often wear our “death-defying feats” like a badge of honor. It feels like we’re not measuring up if we aren’t frantic. I love your phrase, “the tyranny of the urgent.” So fitting. I started trying to order my life like I order my coffee– with room, so that I can add the stuff that makes it good!

  2. Sherry Meneley says:

    Ahhh Karen – good stuff! Funny how having my “act” together means that sometimes dinner is picked up, not home cooked. Laundry goes unfinished, because I decided to dive deep into a scripture that hit my heart and issues with perfect timing. Or I didn’t watch the TV show everyone is following because I went to have a drink with a friend who’s week…sucked. And lo-and-behold no one starved, there were clean clothes to wear, and I was okay with not getting lost in “Lost.” But I did do stuff that mattered more, making me feel wholeheartedly balanced.

    Not judging myself over the things that really don’t matter can be hard because everyone sees the external achievement – BUT no one besides me and Jesus see my heart.

    • Karen Cook says:

      Funny how when we step away from the ether we realize that the world did not fall off its axis because we stopped. Thanks for sharing your heart – you are a good example to me in my life of someone who does balance well 🙂

    • KAREN COOK says:

      You are a great example to me of living life in balance – I am so thankful for you! And you are so right —- no one except Jesus gets to see your heart – but I am thankful that I get to experience what overflows from it!

  3. Sharon says:

    Reading this, I felt like I was right there on your couch getting free therapy – thank you so much! It often seems to me that people think being overly busy gives them purpose and importance – it just wears me out and makes me feel like a failure because instead of doing an awesome job at a few things, I’m just doing an OK (or not so OK) job at many things. And for years I thought time management would solve it all so thanks for dispelling that myth. “Life balance is a heart issue.” Wow – beautiful take away and the focus for me!

    • KAREN COOK says:

      Thanks Sharon…I’m so glad this was helpful for you. It was a tough lesson for me, but once I grasped the idea of dealing with it from my heart rather than just my calendar I was able to implement changes that last and that bring freedom.

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