Roundhouse Kick To The Heart

There are hundreds of songs that have been recorded over the years about change. Changes by David Bowie, A Change Will Do You Good by Sheryl Crow or Change The World by Eric Clapton. The reality is that most of us do not like change and will go to great lengths to avoid it.

Change is a necessary evil in life. Change brings life. Change brings healing. Change brings hope.

Change is also messy, inconvenient, difficult, scary and painful.

I seem to be having a similar conversation with many people lately. These conversations seem to revolve around heart level change and their desire for meaningful and significant change in their lives.

So what do you call this? Some call it spiritual transformation and others spiritual formation. Ultimately it is an intentional, focused effort of becoming more Christ like. Those are terms that sound lofty and full of hope and possibility. Those are words that flow from the lips of seminary students, professors, pastors and people in church who appear to have life figured out.

The reality is that whatever you call it, it scares the crap out of me and yet holds me captivated and longing for more.

Why is this scary? It is scary because this process involves change. Not just change your hairstyle or your outfit kind of change; I’m talking about the gut level down to the marrow change.
Let me say it more simply…it’s like Chuck Norris shows up at your house, rings the doorbell and delivers a roundhouse kick to your heart.

This kind of change requires surrender on our part. Are we seriously going to try and fight back against Chuck Norris? Of course not because he is the ultimate good guy right?

We have a choice to make here friends. We can choose not to answer the door. We can choose to stay safe and hidden in the confines of our heart OR we can choose to risk and embrace change.

We’ve been so conditioned to view change as bad, that we fight God when He is trying to have His way with our heart. We bob and weave and kick and defend ourselves against Him, when what we really need to do is relax our stance, stop fighting and surrender.

We end up working against God, when what He is trying to do is refine us. He wants to remodel our hearts to more fully reflect His glory. Sometimes that process is painful and messy and it may hurt our pride but ultimately is for our benefit in the long run.

The process of surrender allows us to draw near to God, to know His heart and to be changed from the inside out.

We are all in process friends. I am a piece of work just like you and right now I am having some of my corners knocked off. It is not always a fun process, but one that I know will yield a life that reflects the heart of The Father and brings about health, authenticity and freedom in Christ.

What about you…are you willing to let Jesus kick down the door to your heart?

How has God surprised you as you have surrendered to Him?


2 thoughts on “Roundhouse Kick To The Heart

  1. Sherry Meneley says:

    Long long ago I was told Change = C.hoosing H.onesty A.llows N.ew G.rowth
    I still haven’t figured out if I like the roundhouse kick type of change… or the slow subtle type like stalagmites being formed. Al I know is every time I’m faced with change (that I resist) I have to get WAY HONEST with myself and figure out what my issue is with the change. And IF I’m being honest – it’s always surrounding fear and ego. Plain and simple. Thanks Karen – good stuff.

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow Karen this just spoke deep to the core of what I have been struggling with lately. The deep desire to change but the actions not following – for all the reasons you mention. Thank you for the “roundhouse kick” I needed.

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