Caring, Confidential, Professional Counseling.

Beginning therapy can be a little intimidating.  It is my hope that after spending a few minutes here you will begin to get a feel for who I am and the services I offer.

The therapist client connection an important first step in the  journey to self discovery, healing, recovery and building healthy relationships.

Therapy is a professional relationship designed to help the client gain insight and understanding while working through their issues (whatever they may be).

Therapy is often referred to as counseling, talk therapy, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Therapy can be one on one, with a couple, a family or in a group setting.

Regardless of the issues that brought you to seek therapy, it is my desire to provide a safe, accepting and affirming environment that allows for healing work to occur.

Traditionally therapy happens face to face.  Occasionally there is a geographical or timing challenge in scheduling appointments. I do phone sessions and via Skype only after we have established a working connection.

I have experience treating:

Divorce related issues

Co Parenting


Depression, Anxiety & Mood Disorders

PTSD, trauma & recovery from sexual abuse.


Substance Abuse, Addiction & Recovery (12 Step)

Children ages 5-18

Individual work – relationships, self esteem & identity issues

Self Care



Women Specific Issues

Sex and Gender Identity

Same sex relationships

Life transitions

Understanding Shame and working toward resiliency (Brene Brown material)

Faith Shift & Spiritual deconstruction/reconstruction

Integrating Psychology & Spirituality

For more information stop by my facebook page or use the contact area below to send me an email. Please allow 24 hours for online correspondence.