I’m Desperate!


This word is most often used to describe a state of being that implies great need, hopelessness or despair that leads to rash behavior.

Desperation is a state I usually try to avoid. For me I have long thought of desperation in terms of discomfort, dependence and defeat. I realize now, that I’ve been short sighted where desperation is concerned.

We’ve all been desperate at one time or another. Maybe you have been desperate for love, attention, forgiveness, truth or freedom. Perhaps you have been desperate for money, a job, for food, or shelter. Regardless of the end result, most of us have found ourselves desperate at one point in our lives.

When was the last time you were desperate for God? Not just for what God offers you, but for God Himself?

Honestly, for me it has been longer than I care to admit.

Last week I had the privilege of writing for Speaking of Truth.com. In my post titled, Revolution of the Heart I shared my desire for a holy overthrow of my heart. I have to be honest and say that those were really scary words to write. For me, those words were the equivalent of picking a fight with the school bully. I knew once those words had spilled from my lips that it was going to be “game on”.

Despite the fear and doubt, I have finally come to a place within myself where I am desperate to hear from God, a place where I am willing to relinquish my list of requests and demands and simply seek God.

So what is it about desperation that makes us squirm and wiggle as if trying to nail Jello to a tree?

I submit, it is because when we are desperate, we have finally come to the end of ourselves. We put aside our self-sufficiency, pride and our own agendas and surrender our hearts to being present and available to God.

We live in a fast paced world. We spend our day’s multi tasking and consolidating in order to be efficient and effective. Our hearts are stirred up and swirling, like a jar of river water. As long as the water is stirred up there is no peace and no clarity. When we allow our hearts to sit long enough for the sediment and busyness of life to settle, we can begin to hear the whispers of the one who knows us, who loves us and who created us to be in fellowship with Him.

What would happen if we were desperate to be still and allowed the sediment of our hearts to settle and the clarity of Jesus resurrected life to shine in and through us?

What does it look like to allow our hearts to settle?

Taking a few moments at the beginning or end of the day to simply thank God for who He is – His character – His nature – His holiness.
• Selecting a verse of scripture and meditate on it. Allow yourself the luxury of listening to what God has to say to you through His word.
• Participate in a fast. From facebook, TV, junk food – whatever it is that distracts you from spending some quiet moments with God.
• Find a reading plan for Lent and commit to reading and reflecting on Gods word through Easter.
• Sit and listen to some quiet music – relax and allow your mind to focus on a verse that was meaningful to you.
• There is no right way to do this – you simply need to offer yourself.

So… are you desperate?
Let me know what you do to create space and time to hear from God.

Helpful Books:

Invitation to Silence & Solitude – Ruth Haley Barton
Sacred Rhythms – Ruth Haley Barton
The Gift of Being Yourself – David Benner