Creating Space For God

Is there room in your heart for God?

Before you answer that, take time to really consider the question…

For the last few months, I have been preparing for a retreat where I have been asked to be the speaker. The topic: Life Balance.

Since the day I accepted this assignment, I have felt as if the universe is out to Punk me.

Speaking on this topic is similar to praying for patience. I may as well have put a giant bulls eye on my back for the enemy to hurl sharp, painful object lessons at me.

The primary lesson that continues to come my way is making room in my life for God.

After 25 years of following the Lord I assumed that I had made room…but you know what happens when you ASSuMe.

What I have been discovering in this preparation process is that while I have been on my faith journey for some time now, I have yet to arrive.
The truth is I won’t arrive until I meet Jesus face to face and that leaves me with the reality of needing to do something.

I know that when my life is careening out of control and I am feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, it is because I have failed to quiet my heart before the Lord. The demands of life have taken over and I begin to operate under the principals of the tyranny of the urgent.

So how exactly do we make room for God? Isn’t it enough to invite Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of our life, do we really need to do something else?

In a word, Yes!

Making room for God is central to life balance. What I have found in this 6 month process is, that in order for me to have any semblance of balance, order or peace in my life I have to create time and space to listen to and be with God.

Making room for God is simply putting aside time on a regular basis where you can sit and listen for what God might be saying to you. It is important to be able to do this in a place that is comfortable, quiet and free of distraction.

I’m not talking about becoming a monk and chanting while burning incense and donning a hemp robe.

I’m talking about taking 10 minutes out of your day on a regular basis to relax in God’s presence and allow your soul to rest with Him. No agenda. No lists. No demands. Simply be with the Lord.

Find a corner of your office where you can turn your chair away from your workspace, prop some pillows up in the corner of your bedroom and sit on the floor or if no other privacy is available, sit in your car. You may need to be creative to find a place where you can feel safe and relax.

Start small. The idea is to be able to rest in the presence of the Lord. If you find yourself making a grocery list or running through the agenda items for your staff meeting, try repeating a phrase or a short prayer to help you focus.

In the beginning 5 or 10 minutes of silence and solitude will feel like an eternity. It is a discipline and will take some practice to keep your mind from wandering.

As you begin take a few deep breaths and exhale out all your stress, and inhale slowly and deeply. Do this until you feel yourself relax. Okay, now you are ready…

Friends, God designed us to be in relationship with Himself. He wants to know us intimately, but He is a gentleman. He will not yell, He will not jump up and down to get our attention. He will wait. Patiently. It is not God who wanders; it is we who have strayed.

As you approach Easter this week, I hope you will take a few moments each day to simply sit before the Lord and rest with Him. He is waiting for you and longs to meet with you.

I’ve included some resources for you if you are interested in reading more on this topic.

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