Happy Birthday to The Couch

It’s hard to believe but the couch turned one today! A year ago I sat in a coffee shop and began my blogging journey with a strong cup of joe and some encouragement from my good friend Joanne Kraft.

I have learned so much this year and have had so many incredible opportunities as a direct result of this blog.

The Couch has been a great experience for me and if it’s okay I’d like to share a few of the highlights from this first year.

1. Community – I have been so blown away by the sense of community with other bloggers. I initially expected there to be some intense competition, but what I found instead was a wonderful online community of support, encouragement and a willingness to help a fellow writer out. A few friend shout outs are in order here: Grow Where You’re Planted, My Emily, Soiled Wings, Step Up Writing & Speaking Services, Tracee Persiko & Grit & Glory – I am blessed for having you in my life.

2. She Speaks – Soon after I began blogging I learned about the She Speaks conference put on by P31 ministries. My heart quickened as I read through the conference description. I was fortunate enough to go last July and participate in this event. As a result I walked away confident in my calling and finally able to call myself a writer.

3. Speaking – This past year has brought with it several opportunities for me to speak to women and share my story. I look forward to all the ways God will use me to be His communicator of truth, hope and restoration in the future.

4. Leading Worship – As a volunteer worship leader in my church I have the opportunity to participate in leading others in corporate worship on a regular basis. One of the new aspects is leading worship for other events outside of the church. I had the privilege of leading worship this fall for the Inspire Writers Conference. Talk about a great opportunity, I got to facilitate worship for a room full of writers…literally a great thrill!

5. You the reader – Writing a blog is all fine and well, but what makes it a great experience is YOU the reader. Your participation, your willingness to engage in community and share your stories of hurt, hope and transformation in Christ are what make the couch a great place. Thank you for a great year of sharing and for allowing me to play a small part in your process of walking with Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by the couch today. Help yourself to some cake and ice cream and don’t mind the clowns and the fire jugglers – they are harmless.

In lieu of gifts, would you mind leaving a comment about what your favorite post was this year? Thanks!